The Juniper Passion 2011

Based on the Battle of Monte Cassino in WWII

The Prodigal Child – Chamber Opera (1998)

For soprano, mezzo-soprano, baritone and piano quintet

Chamber Music

Song for Emily 2020

for violin and piano

Equinox 2020

for guitar quartet

Spirit Flies, Sun Rises 2019

for piano trio


for piano (with FX) tabla, duduk

Nga Wha Moana 2019

for guitar, pre-recorded guitar and digital FX

Suite per Antiche Archi

for viola d’amore, guitar and cello

The Void Between Heartbeats 2017

For string quartet

Pulse 2017

For electric violin and string quartet

Matera 2018

for soprano sax and piano

L’avvenire la guerra

for soprano, violin, guitar, cello and percussion

Amalasunta 2012

for flute and guitar

May My Shadow Never Depart

for Bb clarinet, bass clarinet and live digital processing

Dances Mercurial (2009)

For string quartet

Behind the Parapet (2005)

For piano trio, with effects pedals and amplification

Blade (2006)

For soprano saxophone, viola and digital FX

Piano Trio No.1 (1998)

For Piano, cello and violin

Vertigo (2000)

For cello and piano

Splinter (2006)

For oboe and piano

Hommage to Forqueray (2007)

For violin and viola

Janus 3

For flute, violin and piano 


Symphony No.1  Letters from the Front

Triple Concerto (Convergence)2008

For piano trio and orchestra

In Saecula Saeculorum (2000)

Piercing the Vault (2005)

For solo oboe and orchestra

Synaesthesia (2000)

Synaesthesia 11 (2001)


Kyrie (2001)

For SATB and organ

Tempus et Moutere  (2003)

For SATB, solo tenor, solo baritone and chamber orchestra

Solos and Songs

Arteria Meridionale

for solo piano

Surah Al ma’dah

for soprano and piano

Invisible Threads

for cello and guitar

Homage to J.S Bach 2018

for guitar

Matter and Energy

for solo cello

When we Fell

for flute and backing track

Simple Piano Pieces Opus.10 2010

Kala Danda 2009

For solo flute and backing track

Infidel (2002)

For solo flute 

Three Sketches for Solo Violin (1998)

Songs of Age and Ice (2000)

Two songs for soprano and piano 


Swamp Treasure

A collaborative theatre work

The Blue Shawl

Theatre work for soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, taonga puoro (traditional Maori instruments), Noh flute, taiko drum, cello and pre-recorded soundtrack.