In November 2018, my beautiful younger brother Brendan died suddenly. I was in the process of composing a new trio, commissioned by the Te Koki Trio, from Wellington New Zealand. The timing was such that this piece became exclusively about my brother’s passing.

This piece Spirit Flies, Sun Rises was toured throughout New Zealand in August 2019 and was recently performed by the New Zealand Chamber Soloists, in New Zealand and China.

It is my goal to have this piece, which contains my brother’s spirit, to be performed in as many countries around the world as possible, so his spirit and memory can be heard around the globe. A recording by the Te Koki Trio will be released very soon.

The image that looks remarkably like a bird taking flight or a deer leaping over the sea, is actually one of my uncle’s ashes being spread over the sea in Raglan New Zealand and it seems as if he is in a hurry to fly.